Missouri Protects Crypto Miners: New Bill Ensures Fair Treatment

• Missouri has just passed a bill to protect the rights of crypto miners.
• The bill defines language and descriptions surrounding cryptocurrency miners and prohibits discrimination.
• It also differentiates between home miners and mining businesses, granting equal protections to both.

Missouri Enforces Bill to Protect Crypto Miners’ Rights

The state of Missouri has recently voted to amend House Bill 764 in order to protect the rights of cryptocurrency miners. This law states that no miner can be discriminated against regardless of what kind of energy is used for their operations and facilities. Furthermore, it differentiates between home miners and mining businesses, providing equal protection for both types of entities.

Defining Cryptocurrency Mining

House Bill 764 defines the language and descriptions surrounding cryptocurrency miners, offering greater clarity on this matter. It also outlines the differences between home digital mining (which occurs within residences) and mining businesses (which operate multiple computers located at single sites). This helps ensure that all parties are treated fairly when engaging in crypto-related activities in Missouri.

Environmental Concerns

There have been numerous reports claiming that cryptocurrency mining now uses more electricity than three quarters of the world’s most underdeveloped countries, leading some environmentalists to call for its restriction or even an outright ban on it. These worries were further amplified when tech mogul Elon Musk stated he would only allow Tesla vehicles to be purchased with bitcoin if crypto miners could prove they were using clean energy sources in a transparent manner.

Protection from Discrimination

The new laws help protect crypto miners from any form of discrimination based on how they generate their power or how they choose to run their facilities. This should help dispel some worries related to environmental impact as well as provide a way for citizens looking into entering the sector without fear of being persecuted or targeted unfairly due to their choice of energy source or preference in running operations differently than others do.


Overall, these laws are seen as a major step forward for Missouri’s business climate regarding cryptocurrencies, allowing anyone interested in entering this space with peace of mind knowing their rights will be respected and protected by legislators regardless if they decide to mine at home or join a business operation instead.


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