FUN Token Partners with DWF Labs to Revolutionize Online Casino Space

• FUN Token is a leading gaming token with over 350,000 users.
• The XFUN Wallet allows users to exchange FUN Token for XFUN on the Polygon blockchain.
• FUN Token seeks to expand its ecosystem by bringing its technology to more casinos, exchanges, payment gateways, and platforms.

What is FUN Token?

FUN Token is a leading gaming token with over 350,000 users that has been backed by – the biggest Bitcoin faucet in the world with over 51 million crypto-savvy users. It is preparing to launch a revamped version of the XFUN Wallet – their flagship product of the FUN ecosystem that enables users to store and exchange various cryptocurrencies and tokens while retaining control of their funds.

The XFUN Wallet

The XFUN Wallet is an innovative non-custodial wallet that can store a wide range of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs as well as allow users to exchange FUN Tokens for XFUN – the utility token of the ecosystem based on the Polygon blockchain. It also facilitates quicker, more cost-effective transactions while providing enhanced scalability compared with other wallets. The XFUN Wallet has already been integrated into several gaming platforms including Dplay Casino, XFUN Casino, and XFUN Arcade.

DWF Labs Partnership

Recently, FUN Token signed an undisclosed deal with DWF Labs that will support their vision of decentralizing online casino spaces. This partnership further strengthens their efforts in integrating their technology into more casinos, exchanges, payment gateways and platforms in order to expand their ecosystem even further.

Token Burning Practices

In addition to this partnership, FUN Token employs advanced escrowing and token-burning practices in order to maintain its deflationary character – committing 50% of net gaming revenue towards burning tokens quarterly . This ensures control over coin supply which ultimately keeps prices at bay .


Ultimately ,the objective of FUN Token remains simple – harnessing blockchain tech in order create “trustless” gaming ecosystems wherein both operators & players alike can rely on it seamlessly .


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