Florida Governor Signs Bill to Block CBDCs, Protects Crypto Privacy

• Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, has signed a new bill preventing the issuance and use of CBDCs in his state.
• DeSantis is concerned that these assets would allow government figures to spy and look into how people are spending their money.
• The bill ensures that Floridians have a right to privacy and autonomy by prohibiting CBDCs from being issued or used within the state.

Ron DeSantis Signs Anti-CBDC Crypto Bill

Ron DeSantis – the republican governor of Florida – has signed a new bill into law preventing the issuance and use of centralized bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in his state.

DeSantis‘ View on CBDCs

Just over a week ago, DeSantis issued his thoughts on CBDCs and made his dislike of these assets clear. He expressed concern about CBDCs given they would be issued by standard institutions, thus allowing monetary executives and ultimately government figures to spy and look in on what people were doing with their money and how they were spending their hard-earned dollars.

Biden’s Views on Crypto

DeSantis said Joe Biden and the rest of the democrats are working hard to ensure crypto doesn’t have a future in America given it’s not an industry they can control. He said: “They don’t like crypto because they can’t control crypto. They want to get rid of crypto, which my view is if you want to invest in crypto, it’s up to you. You can do it. You can make those decisions.“

DeSantis Put Words Into Action

Protection For Financial Independence


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