Bitcoin Worthless? Peter Schiff Speaks Out

• Peter Schiff argued that Bitcoin has no value because it can’t be used for anything in the real world.
• He believes gold is a much better store of value since it is physical and widely used in electronics, jewellery and trade.
• Schiff predicts that rising inflation rates and employment losses will cause many Bitcoin owners to sell their coins to pay for basic necessities.

Peter Schiff Thinks Bitcoin Is Worthless

Renowned investment manager Peter Schiff claimed that Bitcoin has no value during a recent interview with Anthony Pompliano. In Schiff’s opinion, since a bitcoin or any number of bitcoins cannot be used for anything in the real world, they have no worth.

Behind Schiff’s Opinion: A Deeper Look

Bitcoin has never been a favourite for well-known financial experts. Schiff has referred to it as a digital pyramid scheme in previous interviews, contending that Bitcoin is only valuable if someone else is ready to purchase it. Additionally, he urges cryptocurrency holders to sell their investments and use the proceeds to buy actual gold before they lose everything. To reinforce his verdict, Peter Schiff states that since Bitcoin has no physical presence, there is absolutely no difference between having one and many of it. On the contrary, gold is one asset that he strongly believes will have a prosperous future since it is „physical value“ unlike fiat and cryptocurrencies. From this perspective, gold has real significance as a store of value since it is itself valuable and widely used in electronics, jewellery, trade etc.

Continuing The Debate: Digital vs Physical Assets

Over the past ten years, fiat money has become less valuable relative to goods due to various stimulus measures launched by governments around the world in reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic. According to Peter Schiff these tendencies have not peaked yet and there will likely be more inflation and economic deterioration in the future. Many people relying on cryptocurrency as a medium of wealth generation will eventually have to sell their coins just so they can afford basic necessities like food according tot him.. Gold alone will be appealing during this period due its rich history of being used as money for most of human history.

The Pros And Cons Of Investing In Gold

Gold has proven itself time after time as an excellent asset class with its abilityto weather turbulent economic times unscathed while other assets suffer major losses or devaluation due its status as an uncorrelated asset class which makes investing intoprecious metals an attractive option even when other markets are experiencing volatility or downturns . However , investing into gold can also come with some downsides such as storage costs , insurance fees , potential tax issues and liquidity problems which may make investing into precious metals less desirable depending on your individual situation .


Overall , Peter Schiffs view on bitcoin being worthless still remains contested by many supporters . While both sides remain split on opinions , what’s undeniable are government stimulus packages globally leading towards future inflationary pressures which may lead investors towards seeking alternative stores of value such as precious metals .


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